Starting an Ecommerce Store

Eight simple steps to sell your products online in Canada

According to Statistics Canada, ecommerce sales reached $1.2 Billion in June 2017, and accounted for only 2.2% of total sales across the country. Unlike their US counterparts, smaller Canadian retailers haven’t been interested in selling their products online – due to a perception that it’s both difficult and expensive – and because they don’t feel there’s a large enough customer base to buy their products.

We want to help disrupt this trend, which is why over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing eight simple steps for starting a WooCommerce store in Canada. With minimal up front costs and incredible ease-of-use, we want to make it easier for small retailers across the country to start selling online.

Setting Up Your Store
Installing WooCommerce on your Website
Adding Your Products
Importing Products and Getting the Details in Place
Choosing a Payment Processor
Does Stripe, Paypal or Moneris Work Best?
Packaging Your Products
Impress your customers when their order arrives
Shipping with Canada Post
Getting your products delivered quickly and efficiently
Fulfilling Orders
Picking products and packaging them for shipment
Getting the Word Out
Tips on Marketing your WooCommerce Store
Extending WooCommerce
Extend Your Store Beyond the Basics