Packaging Your Products

Impress your customers when their order arrives

An important thing to consider when selling your products is how you’re going to package them before shipment. While putting them into a plain brown box is easy, giving them a little extra love will keep your customers coming back. Here’s some tips on where to start.

Envelopes and Boxes

The first thing you’ll need – no matter how you decide to package your orders – are boxes and envelopes. Your needs will vary greatly depending on the type of products you sell, but it’s recommended that you buy boxes or envelopes that will fit most of your products efficiently without wasting space.

The larger the box, the greater the shipping costs, so it’s a good idea to take measurements of all your products and determine the best size of packaging needed.

While you can use Amazon or Staples to buy smaller quantities of supplies when starting out, we recommend using in the long run to order them in bulk. If you’re shipping smaller items or clothing, it’s a good idea to use Poly Envelopes to save on both packaging and shipping costs. These envelopes also have the added benefit of fitting really well into Canada Post mailboxes.

Depending on how fragile your products are you’ll also need to consider some padding inside the package, whether thats bubble wrap, foam, kraft paper or something else.

Branding and Customization

Your brand is important, so you’ll want your customers to know who their order came from you. Getting custom printed boxes is quite expensive, but you can brand your orders with alternative and cheaper methods. These include:

Packing Tape
Include your logo on the tape you use to seal your box, giving it some personality.

Stickers and Labels
Get custom printed stickers that have your logo on them to adhere to the outside of your boxes or envelops. These have the added benefit of having the ability to be used elsewhere.

Rubber Stamps
Get a custom rubber stamp of your logo, and stamp the outside of your boxes before shipment.

Custom Printed Tissue Paper
Give the inside of your packages some flair and wrap your products with custom tissue paper.

The Extra Touch

As a final and added touch for your customers, we recommend doing something a little bit “extra”. This could include a hand written thank you note, a card with a coupon code for their next order, product samples, or even: candy.

One of my favourite shopping experiences is with Chatters, who include a small “goody bag” with each order. In the bag are sample hair care products, a note on who packed the order, and a handful of miscellaneous candy. While not completely necessary, this small gesture has made me remember the company and return to them for future orders.

Whatever it is you can afford to offer your customers, adding that little something extra will keep them coming back.