Introducing Freely Made

Welcome to Freely Made. The evolution of Freely Company.

Four years ago I quit my job with the hopes of making it as a freelancer. I wasn’t completely sure it would work out, but along the way I was able to connect with some amazing clients and was given the opportunity to design and build their websites. Not only did I learn new design and development skills during this time, but I also learned a lot about running a business.

This year I felt it was time to move on from being a solo freelancer and expand my business further. As the Internet continues to evolve, I’ve noticed that the needs and services required from my clients have as well. In order to transition the company to a place where it could grow and offer these services, Freely Made was born.

In addition to building custom WordPress websites, I’ve lined up some amazing talent who will join me in offering marketing services including: copywriting, branding, digital strategy and social media planning. We’ll also focus on helping stores sell their products online and help promote the expansion of ecommerce in Canada.

If you would like to discuss any of your current or future projects, or want to grab a coffee and catch up, please send me an email. I look forward to seeing what the next four years bring!

Thank You,

John Gilfillan
Owner, Designer and Developer