Fulfilling Orders

Picking products and packaging them for shipment

You’ve got your WooCommerce store setup. All the products have been added and you’ve figured out your shipping situation. But what do you do once a customer places an order?

First, we recommend installing the awesome (and FREE!) PDF Invoices & Packing Slips plugin. As the name entails, this plugin gives to you the ability to print PDF invoices and packing slips for each order.

When a new order is placed, an order notification email is sent to you. This email by default sends to the WordPress administrator, but it can be configured to send to any number of recipients. This is helpful if you have more than one person in your organization who will be fulfilling orders.  If you’ve installed the PDF invoice plugin, you are also able to include the invoice and packing slips as attachments to the notification email, giving you the ability to print them without logging into WordPress.

The WooCommerce email settings page, where you can configure multiple email notifcations

Once the new order notification is received, you will need to fulfill it. This means pulling the products from the shelves or warehouse, packaging them, and preparing the order for shipment. We suggest including the packing slip or invoice with each order, so the customer can verify what they’ve purchased upon receiving their shipment.

After the order has been package and ready for shipment, you need to login to WordPress and navigate to the WooCommerce > Orders page. This is where you are able to edit and view each order, and is one of the most important pages you’ll use in your store. Edit the order that has just been completed and change the Order Status to Completed and add the tracking code for shipment (if available).

It’s important to complete this last step so that the customer will receive a final order email and so they know that their shipment is on the way. This will also update their Order Status on the My Accounts page. If there is ever an issue with an order – whether that’s needing to cancel it, needing to give a refund, or editing the shipping details – you can always edit the orders at the same WooCommerce > Orders location.