Extending WooCommerce

Extend Your Store Beyond the Basics

If you’ve made it this far in our process, congratulations! You’re well on your way to running a successful WooCommerce store. But how can you grow even further? Here’s some plugins that will help you extend the base functionality of WooCommerce into something more.


If you already have a small store, or are selling products at a trade show or fair, having a point of sale system that integrates with your online store will come in handy. The Square plugin makes this possible. By powering both your online and offline payment processing, the square system will sync inventory and product details between WooCommerce and your Square POS.

Local Pickup Plus

If you have single or multiple store locations, offering the ability for customers to shop for your products online and pick them up in store is an added benefit. Through the Local Pickup Plus plugin you can do this with ease, allowing your customers to switch their shipping option to pickup at checkout and giving them a drop down location of stores to do so. You can also enable emails which will direct to individual stores, allowing them to prepare the order before customers arrive.

Points and Rewards

Who does’t like collecting points? With the Points and Rewards plugin you can allow customers who create an account on your store to ability to collect points for every dollar spent. You can then reward them by allowing them to redeem their points for discounts on future orders. Points can also be given for signing up or for writing product reviews, encouraging customers to engage with your website.

Amazon Fulfillment

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to worry about fulfilling and shipping orders? Why not let Amazon do it! Through the Amazon FBA service, you can send Amazon your products and integrate the service directly with WooCommerce. Your customers will still purchase products and manage their account through your store, but the products will be shipped from the Amazon warehouse. The added benefit? You can list your products for sale on Amazon as well.