Choosing a Payment Processor

Does Stripe, Paypal or Moneris Work Best?

Payment processors can be a difficult thing for store owners to figure out, but with the way technology has changed they really don’t need to be. While there are a number of options available, we’ve tried three options that we recommend based on the type of store, it’s current setup and overall budget.


Stripe is our preferred solution. It’s included with WooCommerce as a free plugin and is incredibly easy to setup and use. Stripe is also the only plugin available in Canada that seamlessly integrates Apple Pay (and soon Android Pay), allowing your mobile users to checkout easily and efficiently.

Stripe accepts all major credit cards and connects directly to your bank account. It automatically deposits all payments after 7 days, giving you ample time to refund or adjust orders as needed. The Stripe plugin also gives your customers the option to save their credit cards securely in their user account without it being hosted on your server. The checkout process is completely seamless, and customers will never leave your website or know that you’re using Stripe. The fee is 2.9% + $0.30 for every transaction.

To use Stripe, simply install the plugin from WooCommerce and configure the settings. You’ll need access to your API keys, which can be found in your Stripe account. Once they are entered into the system everything else is taken care of.


Paypal  is another solution that is included as part of the main WooCommerce installation. Like Stripe the setup is easy to complete, but it does not include mobile payment solutions such as Apple Pay, and it requires users to leave your website and login through Paypal when checking out.

Like Stripe, Paypal also accepts all major credit cards, and connects to your bank account where you can deposit funds. The fee to use Paypal is also 2.9% + $0.30 USD for every transaction. Paypal is a great solution if you’ve already been using it for your business, but because of the difficulty to setup your initial Paypal business account and the limitations on how it can be used, we don’t always recommend it.

To setup Paypal, visit the WooCommerce checkout settings page and select the Paypal option. You’ll need to enter your Paypal email address and settings such as how the credit card charges appear for your customers. Woocommerce will take care of the rest.


The third (and more expensive) option for Canadian merchants is Moneris. This setup will work well if you already have a retail store that uses Moneris as a payment processor, as it will hook into your current system. It does, however, require you to purchase the plugin from WooCommerce and has higher fees associated with it.

Although it does not yet support mobile payment solutions – the Moneris plugin does allow you to accept all major credit cards, as well as Interac Online. This is an important feature when targeting Canadian customers, as it gives those without a credit card an option to pay with debit. Like Stripe, Moneris gives the options to securely store credit cards for future orders. It also gives the ability for store owners to refund orders directly in WooCommerce. The fees associated with Moneris are variable and you’ll to contact them for more information.

Because the setup for Moneris is more difficult, we recommend you contact us or another agency for assistance with installation.