Adding Your Products

Getting your Photos and Product Details in Place

The next step in setting up your WooCommerce store is adding your products. Depending on the amount of products you sell this may be a time consuming process, but it’s something that can be done completely DIY without having to get any extra help.

First and most importantly you need to get your product data entered and imported into the website. This can be done manually – like adding blog posts or pages – or by importing a CSV file. WooCommerce has provided their own instructions on creating a CSV file of products (including a sample file), but you really just need to pay attention to the product names, SKUs, category, regular price and attributes (such as size or colour).

Entering the details is as easy as downloading the sample CSV and entering each product on a new line in Excel. Once you have a CSV file created, you can run the import wizard found under “Tools > Import” in WordPress to create all of your products.

The WooComerce Product Import Wizard

When shopping on your website customers will want to see as much detail and information as possible. By including high-resolution photos, as well as detailed descriptions on whats included and how the product should be used, customers will be able to make a conscious purchase decision and feel confident about their choice.

Depending on what type of products you sell there’s a chance you may have to take photos yourself. In this case we recommend getting an affordable lightbox and using your camera to take individual photos of the product. Amazon offers an awesome Portable Photo Studio that works great for most applications; but there are also a number of other options available.

If using a smartphone to take photos, we suggest downloading a manual camera app from the app store and adjusting the ISO settings and exposure until you get a crisp, white background.

The AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio

Once the photos are taken you can add them by manually editing each product and adding them to the product gallery. At this point you’ll also want to enter a short description, which is the short blurb that appears below the product price, and a long description which appears mid way down the page. This is where you can include additional photos, videos, and a more robust write-up about the product.

With the products added and ready to be purchased, your next step is selecting and installing a payment processor.