Thoughts, ideas and news from the Freely Made team.

Change is Good

Often times clients are unwilling or afraid to make changes to their finished website. But we’ve learned that iterative changes can be a good thing! So what’s the best way to go about making adjustments to your website?

Gutenberg is Coming

Earlier this year the core WordPress team announced that they building a new content editing interface. The project, called Gutenberg, is set to dramatically change how WordPress works.

So You Need a New Website

Your business has grown and adapted but your website is stuck in 2009. You know you need to make a change, but where do you start? Follow these six steps!

Starting an Ecommerce Store

Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing eight simple steps for starting an eCommerce store in Canada. With minimal up front costs and incredible ease-of-use, we want to make it…

Introducing Freely Made

Welcome to Freely Made. The evolution of Freely Company. Four years ago I quit my job with the hopes of making it as a freelancer. I wasn’t completely sure it would work out…